The estuary is among the finest healing establishments I have ever encountered I have experienced the servicesfor many years as well as working at least 15 other places around the country. The integrity care professionalism and skill at the estuary is unparalleled.It is also run from a place of love -the work come straight from the heart. — A.K.


I've been affiliated with The Estuary since early 2008. My wife and I had many conversations about the fact that we likely wouldn't have had the strength to stay together throughout her 10 year cancer journey without Susan Austin-Crumpton and the other wonderful folks at The Estuary.

We never lacked for warm hugs and the comfort that comes from knowing you are well and truly loved.

The Estuary provided me with the first intense spiritual experience of my adult life. There, I feel a sense of belonging that no other church has been able to provide. "All are welcome" is not a philosophy, but a reality. 

I have come to learn more about myself than I could have ever imagined. The counselors are well vetted and well schooled, and they all offer their services with loving kindness. 

As I once said to Susan, you don't realize The Estuary is there until you find yourself in need of the healing love that it has to offer.

I spent 8 years in various classes that they offer, and I still feel the pull of coming home when I have a reason or opportunity to be there.

As a result of my 10 years of being a member of The Estuary and The School of Healing Arts community, I am confident in my abilities as an Auric Healer, a Kabbalistic Healer, a Pastoral Counselor and most recently, a Life Coach.

Mostly, the result has been to find my way to having compassion for and loving myself, and knowing that helping others to do the same will only enhance my experience.

Whether you need counseling or a community to lift you up on your journey, The Estuary provides the space and support that you need on your life path.

— L.E.

I have had such wonderful benefits from the staff at The Estuary, they are too numerous to mention. After major back & knee surgery, it was questionable whether I would walk again. Energy healing, massage, meditation classes, superb therapy all combined to restore my mobility & my life!  I can't praise the Estuary & it's staff enough. They changed my life. — C.E.

 When I say that the counseling I have received and classes I have taken at The Estuary have been life altering in the most positive way, I am not exaggerating! The staff, the environment, and the overall philosophy are a blessing to my life. Highly recommend their services! — M.B.

 A wonderful place for anyone wanting spiritual/emotional/psychological healing. Attending classes at the Estuary as well as seeing a therapist here for the past several years has changed my life for the better. My anxiety and depression has been reduced dramatically over the years due to the help they have provided. I highly recommend the Estuary. — J.W.

I began my journey at The Estuary in 2003. Over the years I have taken numerous classes, workshops and even done my therapeutic work here. My life is not only changed but enriched! — J.E.

The people at The Estuary are amazing! Their classes and counseling services have helped me move through some difficult times and taught me how to stay connected to my authentic self when life is throwing me curve balls. You won’t find anyone more committed to helping you discover your personal truth. — R.R.

I was fortunate to have found The Estuary 7 years ago while going through a divorce. The experience I had through the School of Self Healing and the counseling services has transformed my life and continues to help me navigate my journey. I have found authentic and lasting friendships through classes and place where I am valued just as I am. — L.T.

I had the pleasure of using their services during a very hard time in my life and I can not say anything but great things about the Estuary! It truly was a life changing experience and I am a better person because of it. Susan is wonderful and I highly recommend their services. — E.K.

The Estuary has been a big and wonderful part of my life for at least 10 years now. The School of Healing Arts and the counseling offered at The Estuary are the best of the best. I have seen how their staff have lovingly helped make the lives of the people who walk through their doors fuller and more meaningful.  In every way, that is what they have done for me. — D.G.

The Estuary has been a spiritual/healing home for me for the last 18 years.  My experience has been and continues to be deeply healing.  Susan Crumpton embodies integrity and compassion.  She is a teacher, therapist, & healer of the highest quality.  All my sessions and classes there have been fruitful in all ways.  I can recommend the Estuary highly without hesitation!  For individual sessions, classes, or the full programs, this is a place of awakening and true healing.  The entire Estuary team is fantastic! A.B.

The Estuary and the School of Healing Arts are providing me with the place and time to discover who I am! I am in the midst of a major life change right now -- but have learned to trust and embrace the future (and unknown). Let go and let God... — K.S.

I absolutely love the Estuary! Everyone at the Estuary is so kind and they are very talented at the work they do. I recommend the Estuary to all of my friends. Seeing a counselor here and also participating in the School of Healing Arts has completely transformed my life for the best. I am now living an authentic life that I love! Thank you Carrie, Bob, Suzy and Susan! — J.L.

I began working with Lynee Durham and studying at the Estuary in 2011, following a long and difficult summer of complicated cancer treatment. Through my work, I have learned to know my inner self and that gives me strength when facing challenges today - whether related to my family, my cancer, or my daily life. Best of all, I learned to open myself up to adventure and, at age 66, find myself the oldest member of the Demetrius Klein Dance Company. In my soul, I knew that I was a dancer but did not KNOW it until my work through the Estuary helped me to make room in my life for the unexplored. What joy! — G.C.

I have been a part of The Estuary for 5 years full-on and many, many more before that. My life has benefitted from my 3 years in the Auric Healing Arts School in ways I can not put into words here. Love and more love. Genuine care and professionalism. — D. D.

I have attended classes and therapy at the Estuary over the last decade, and I could not be more grateful for the tremendous positive impact it has had on my life. — C.B.

Over two decades ago I discovered one of the therapists that would eventually become a founding member of the Estuary.  I was having severe anxiety and PTSD that were the results of childhood traumas.  I found Susan Austin Crumpton and along with Lyndell Stich I embarked on a healing journey comprised of individual and group therapy that included some of the most innovative techniques for healing trauma available.

Soon they would found 'The Estuary' which included a School of Healing Arts and an expanded staff of therapists and holistic healing practitioners. Once I felt I had reached a place where I was emotionally and spiritually healthy I enrolled in their educational program for Auric healing. What a gift that was! 

Today I live far away from Nashville but I'm happy to say that My life works and I am a long way past those traumas and anxieties that led me to the Estuary.  I attribute it all because of the healing services I received from there. Though I live thousands of miles away I still use them via the phone/FaceTime when something arises I feel I need professional assistance with.  I also flew back and forth from California just to attend the  Kabbalah program offered by the School of Healing Arts! (Awesome program) If you're looking for life changing help or just want to grow the Estuary is your place!

— M.S.

I found my spiritual home base at The Estuary! Susan Austin-Crumpton and her team hold a space of reality and healing that WORK! The classes are life-changing and the therapy is brilliant... — J.H. (Individual Counseling Client and School of Healing Arts Student)

"The Estuary is the place I can feel what I believe in." -- D.L. (Individual Counseling Client and School of Healing Arts Student)

The empowerment group has been a cherished gift of friendship, encouragement, laughter, and most importantly....tremendous personal growth. It's thrilling to watch our group evolve as each of us gains momentum in living more fully from the Divine place within.     -- B.M. (Empowerment Group)

You have changed our lives for the better . . . we will never forget it.   -- B.G. (Couples Counseling Clients)

The Estuary is the best kept secret in Nashville.   -- T.F. (Referring Psychologist)


I had such a difficult time in my first counseling session. I felt weak for needing help. But through patience in sessions and tools learned in a group, I have turned negative thoughts around to finally have compassion for myself. It's nice to know I have a place to go that can help me continue grow as a person.   -- L.E. (Individual & Group Therapy)

When I started this process I thought I wanted to be cured. I realized what I really wanted was to feel whole. I found healing in this community.  -- C.F. (SSHA Auric Healing Program)

You are a gem in every sense of the word and can't thank you enough for what you give me.  -- J.L.

The insight, strength, beauty and courage of those in the relationship group have helped me improve my relationship with my partner which will have the added benefit of making my son's life that much better. I appreciate this group more than you'll ever know.   -- M.F. (Relationship Group)

We believe in the work that you bring to people in need!  -- J.I.

Your message is so beautiful, I'm reading it over and over.   -- J.W.

. . . whatever was ignited Friday night (in class) stayed with me. I felt calm and grounded, riding the small waves that came. So gratifying!  L.Y. (SSHA Auric Healing Program)

It was a wonderful experience for me.  -- J.C.

It is so easy to see and feel why The Estuary has become your home away from home.  -- A.S.