The Joy Book Club

Evoking, Expanding and Experiencing Your Joyful Life



Saturdays, 1pm - 3pm

Spring 2020: Feb 8, Feb 22, Mar 7, Mar 21, and Apr 4

It’s not a problem. It’s more of an un-problem. It’s the absence of something delicious and unnamed.  So small, that it seems presumptuous to expect it in your life.  After all, who am I expect more of it when everyone I know is suffering so much?  BUT, after the therapy, the resolution of your childhood trauma (mostly), the life coaching, the career planning, the positive parenting, your amazing success at work , the powerlifting (over 10 lbs.) at the gym, a few pretty good relationships, and finally ,finally , finally finding a house with actual closets….it’s still there.  That nagging feeling that there is  something more….that Amazon cannot deliver and the Great British Baking show does not have a recipe for… JOY, big magic, authentic happiness, a glorious change in the habit of being yourself, a stepping into the vortex, and finding the light around the everything.  

The Joy Book Club is organized around Martha Beck’s book “The Joy Diet”  generously supplemented with ideas and processes from other contemporary writers ( Elizabeth Gilbert, “Big Magic,” Gretchen Rubin “The Happiness Project,” “Dawson Church “Mind Over Matter, Raphaelle Giordano, ”Life Begins When You Discover You Only Have One” to name a few). 

Not a reader… not a problem, you can be a skimmer. No book reports here! We will be about experiencing new things, taking more notice of the things you already love, appreciating each other’s joy fixes and making small changes to bring more joy into your everyday life. We will be on a quest to experience the things that promote unexplained smiling and irrepressible laughter. We might be dancing when no one is looking and just feeling really good for no particular reason.  

 Sound good? Sound fun?  You are so ready for a lot more JOY in your everyday life!  

Cost:  $250/5 sessions

Facilitator: Ann Kaiser

Ann P Kaiser, PhD is a graduate of the School of the Healing Arts and the Estuary’s Life Coaching Certification program.  She is also a child psychologist who studies emerging language and communication in toddlers (who have taught her quite a bit about finding joy in everyday life!)