About The Estuary

Our mission is to advocate a conscious and balanced life through self-discovery, relationships, education, and Integrated Healing, and to provide a venue for the process of healing to occur.

As humans we live in opposite worlds. One is the material, physical plane where life happens, we fall in love, develop disease, experience success and failure. The other is a spiritual world where we receive wisdom from the divine realms, find sanctuary and solace, clarify our truth, experience harmony and loving kindness.

The Estuary is given to a path of wholeness. Our classes, energy sessions, pastoral counseling therapy, life coaching help to repair this split in these opposite worlds. Our mission is to teach you to join these heavenly realms with your authentic and real life. You will learn to find your spiritual home on this earthly plane.

The Estuary is a unifier of opposites, bringing together all of the parts of our lives into a unified whole and no longer allowing ourselves to be compartmentalized.