We advocate a conscious and balanced life through self-discovery, relationships, education, and Integrated Healing

The Estuary services help clients find connection by knowing themselves better and becoming more present in their everyday lives.  This is done through the application of psychological and transpersonal principles, alternative therapies, group support, education, and spiritual development. 

Our services include individual integrative therapy (a synergy of psychotherapy and energy healing), life coaching, health coaching, energy therapy, sound therapy, couples counseling, and classes addressing a variety of topics including relationships, spirituality, and self healing.  

The Estuary is also home to The School of Healing Arts, an intensive course of study dedicated to leading our students through personal work, self-healing, and spiritual studies while enjoying a sense of community alongside other student seekers.  

In addition to any traditional education in counseling psychology, the Estuary practitioners have also completed at least six years of training with The School of Self Healing Arts and are Pastoral Counselors.  These integrative therapists dedicate themselves to assisting you with your healing and spiritual growth.  Our facilitators are qualified to address a broad range of concerns, including depression, anxiety, relationships, cancer recovery, chronic illness and others.

These opportunities and services are available to everyone.  The Estuary welcomes people of all beliefs and faiths.  

For a more comprehensive list of issues assisted and treated by The Estuary, please see our services page or call The Estuary at 615-467-6462.