Susan Beyler

Integrative Therapist

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Susan is a 2001 graduate of the seven-year program with The School of Self Healing Arts.  She has been on staff at the school since 2009 and she holds a private practice as a pastoral counselor with The Estuary.  Drawing on her experience as a mother, grandmother, Montessori middle school teacher, a midwife assistant for many years on the Farm, she has experience working with human inner growth and development and the spiritual growth so necessary to living a whole and meaningful life.

She works with individuals and couples, accompanying them on their journey to a full relationship with themselves and their lives.

Susan specializes in therapy with family/society-of-origin issues, addiction, depression, coupleship, trauma and repeating unhealthy patterns of behavior.  She does hands-on energy work for physical health issues and emotional balancing and strengthening.

Using her skills as a teacher, she offers skill-based workshops in subjects such as healthy boundaries, grief and loss, and relationship skills.

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