Professional Life Coaching


Your Professional Life Coach helps you move to higher levels in your personal and professional worlds. Do you feel like your life could be richer in terms of your relationships, finances, spirituality, creative expression, or health? Then it’s time to dive in and start moving towards the experience of life that you truly deserve and desire. 

Our professional life coaches use a method of coaching that is a highly tuned and powerful process of communication and problem solving.  The relationship is "co-creative" and focused on your interests, challenges, and goals.  If you are willing to move forward in personal or professional growth then his coaching will significantly accelerate the transformation process you need to reach your goals.

Our Life Coaches:

Lynn Bartrum, 615-943-0974 or

Maureen Doyle, 615-202-9261 or

Jessica Kerske, 570-328-0555 or


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